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Yashica - I'm Back: smallest mirrorless camera launches on Kickstarter

The initial release of the Yashica - I'm Back is going to be available in white or blue
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The initial release of the Yashica - I'm Back is going to be available in white or blue

The slightly clunkily named Yashica - I’m Back claims it is the world’s smallest mirrorless camera and is already fully funded with plenty of time to go.

Some of you may be familiar with the Yashica brand of cameras, which started in Japan in 1949 and innovated for decades until 2005. It also manufactured lenses and film editing equipment. There were some additional models via the MF Jebsen Group in Hong Kong. In 2017, Yashica ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Y35 DigiFilm camera, raising $1.28 million. 

Having said that, it’s appropriate that this Micro Mirrorless camera is dubbed the Yashica - I’m Back, as the design harkens back to some of the retro looks of classic Yashica cameras, albeit much smaller. Like a lot smaller, so keep that in mind.

Features of the Yashica - I’m Back include:

  • 12 MP Sony CMOS sensor 
  • Three manual focus lenses to choose from: Wide Lens, Standard Lens (medium), and Telephoto Lens. No autofocus as it will increase costs
  • Ability to add more lenses with an adapter
  • Up to 4K video (at 24p, 3840 x 2160 up to 30 minutes, MP4, H.264) and audio
  • USB-C, HDMI, and Micro SD ports
  • Wi-Fi that can connect to smartphone and app
  • White or blue option

Pricing and Kickstarter funding success

As of this writing, the camera is fully funded and then some, $275,000-plus, well above it initial goal. There are different camera, lens, and accessories options at different prices. For example, you can order the MiMi Starter Kit for $239 (regular $299), which includes the Micro Mirrorless camera, tripod and selfie stick, USB-C cable, camera wrist strap, and remote control. And prices go up from there, with an expected ship date of November 2024. Check out all the options here.

If the team behind the Micro Mirrorless Yashica - I’m Back camera can deliver, this could be a really interesting project. As always, do your due diligence and read up on the campaign and understand the risks associated with any sort of crowdfunding campaign. It’s fully funded, which is good news. Get all the details and back the project here.


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