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Want to buy a new iPad Pro? Make sure you live in the USA

One of these can cost you 30% more in different parts of the world
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One of these can cost you 30% more in different parts of the world

Apple's launch of the new iPad Pro is another opportunity to look at exchange rates and work out how much cheaper its kit is in the US.

The new iPad Pro was launched yesterday and managed to do so with the headline price of 'from $999'. That is for the 11in, 256GB model. You can, of course, spend a lot more. The top end is now represented by the 13in, 2TB iPad Pro with nano-tech glass coating. That will set you back $2399.

That gives the iPad an impressive range now that the entry level 10th generation model, which features the A14 Bionic chip, can be yours for as little as $349.

But what caught our attention once more is the disparity on costs, especially when we looked at the Eurozone pricing. As the units get more expensive, these gaps obviously get wider. 10% of 200 is 20; 10% of 2000 is 200. Which is, of course, obvious, but we thought we'd do a quick comparison of that base price iPad Pro in select countries around the world.

The conclusion? Sure, sales tax lays a big part in this story, but if you want to buy an iPad Pro make sure you live in the USA and not Europe. Prices correct as of 8 May 2024... And, while there might well be a more expensive territory than Ireland, there certainly isn't a cheaper one than the USA

Country Local Price Price in USD
USA $999 $999
Canada CA$1399 $1017
Japan ¥14,066 $1086
Australia A$1699 $1116
India ₨99,900 $1196
China RMB 8999 $1245
UK £999 $1247
Germany €1199 $1289
Ireland €1229 $1320


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