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Wacom and Scan to host event for creators in Manchester

The top of the range Wacom MobileStudio Pro
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The top of the range Wacom MobileStudio Pro

On the evening of this coming Thursday, November 30th, Japanese display manufacturer Wacom is hosting an event for creators in Manchester, England, in association with Scan.

Wacom is known for its Creative Pen technology that allows you to draw directly onto its displays, so why is this important here? Especially as approximately 90% of our readers will not be able to get to the UK, let alone Manchester, this week. 

Well, partly because two of the keynote speakers are long-time friends of RedShark. HaZ Dulull and Rafi Nizam. It was actually Rafi that first introduced the RedShark team to Wacom’s creative displays when we were shooting this video in his home studio.

And also because for animators like Rafi and 3D animated feature film producers like HaZ, having state-of-the-art hardware allows them to create better, faster. You also need great software that is in time with the hardware (and vice versa); that’s where co-sponsors Maxon come in. Its team will be on-site, too, to demonstrate Maxon ZBrush and Cinema 4D.

As well as the presentations from Rafi and HaZ (who are outstanding at explaining what they do and how their workflows can be effective for other creatives), there is also a presentation from the team at Tracks and Layers, a panel discussion with an opportunity for Q&A, and networking thoughtfully aided by a mixture of canapes and drinks. 

It is a free event that you can sign up for here. We haven’t been paid to promote this, and if you know of other interesting, relevant events, let us know, and we will do our best to shine a light on them. We do know the team at Scan well, though, and they make a top effort in the North of England to get the fast-growing creative community there together whenever they can.

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