Awesome Star Wars interactive 360 video created for Facebook

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Disney / Facebook / RedShark NewsStar Wars: The Force Awakens 360 video

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens team produced this immersive experience as part of Facebook's push for more 360 video. Tour the Jakku desert in an Imperial speeder bike!

Since its acquisition of Oculus, Facebook has been hard at work priming the content pump for VR-suitable video. The social media giant just rolled out support for 360 immersive videos in users' news feeds. Of course, for any proper roll-out, it helps to have a splashy example of the experience - and it doesn't get more splashy than Star Wars.

In a wonderful cross-promotion, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens team has produced a 360-degree, immersive video experience which whisks you to the Jakku desert. Check out all the views from your Imperial speeder bike (and don't miss the crashed Star Destroyer). Just follow this link to the video's Facebook page.

The 360-video space is starting to take shape, with Facebook's foray into immersive video joining YouTube's entrance into the market earlier this year. Expect your news feeds to have more and more 360-video (not to mention hopefully more 360 Star Wars).

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