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What do you get when you cross Netflix and Oculus Rift?

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This year's Netflix sponsored Hack Day yielded an interesting mashup that could point to the future of living room entertainment.

Once a year since 2008, Netflix opens its Los Gatos, California campus to scores of company engineers in what has been dubbed Hack Day. These engineers congregate, code, and present the fruits of their labors to the other would-be innovators, all striving to push the Netflix API into new and exciting applications.

This year, one team showed off a demo of Oculix, which pairs Netflix with a browsing and viewing experience through the Oculus Rift, the immersive virtual reality headset (and company that Facebook purchased for $2 billion). While most of the Hack Day demos will never go into production, the Oculix (or something like it) has a shot, given Facebook's desire to turn that large investment into profit and Netflix's dominance as a streaming video and entertainment distribution platform.

Check out the Oculix demo video below, which features a 'blink and you'll miss it' reveal of the Leap Motion controller being used for navigation.

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