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Virtual Production for the Cinematographer full webinar

Filming "Our Flag Means Death" on a virtual set.

Recently, Emmy award winning cinematographer, Jody Eldred, and Sam Nicholson ASC hosted a live webinar, in association with SIGMA, that discussed everything you ever wanted to know about Virtual Production. Watch the webinar here in full, and learn everything you need to know about Virtual Production.

During the webinar you will learn what virtual production is, and what it isn't, as well as discovering the range of modern techniques now used to make shows like HBO's Our Flag Means Death possible. You'll find out why this new method of filming is so important right now, and how it can vastly improve your shoot's efficiency, and cost.

What's contained here is so comprehensive and detailed that it is an absolute must-watch. So grab whatever liquid refreshment takes your fancy, and sit back and enjoy, because you're about to learn something. 

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