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Video: Matrox highlights REMI and new features

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Matrox has cornered a significant part of the remote production — or REMI — market since the pandemic started and used IBC to showcase its latest advances.

Hard to believe that the Monarch Edge came out three years ago and it was three years ago that we were last in Amsterdam for IBC. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, much of it during various lockdowns, and remote production (or REMI as it’s more typically referred to in the US) has gone from being a niche position to a necessity to a financial certainty. 

The Monarch Edge has been one of the devices that has helped the industry move so swiftly to adopt remote workflows. Here, Matrox’s Daniel Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager and Wayne Andrews, Senior Product Manager, step through some of the latest advances that are keeping it at the forefront of many production’s plans.

“One of the primary features of our 2.02 release is our new SRT statistics page which is really helpful for our users before they start doing their REMI production,” says Andrews. They can start testing their networks and see the overall bandwidth, roundtrip time, point to point latency, and more to ensure smoother broadcasts. We now offer the ability to continue streaming on loss of input, so if the camera battery has gone dead the stream will continue until you replace the battery and the image will pick back up.”

Find out more in the video below.


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