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Vegas 19 gets new update including improved Optical Flow slow motion

Vegas Pro 19. Image: Magix.
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Vegas Pro 19. Image: Magix.

In August, MAGIX released VEGAS Pro 19, which had plenty of great new features, a friendlier UI, and attractive pricing. It has now released an update to further enhance the NLE experience. 

VEGAS Pro 19 Update: New Features

  • OpenVino AI, the AI and machine learning engine, has been updated to version 1.4, making sure the latest technology advancements are in place for VEGAS Pro 19.
  • Real-time Optical Flow for the Slow Motion option, plus further optical flow enhancements that speed up the overall workflow.
  • Text to Speech Update: A Danish voice has been added to this really cool feature. Essentially, you import text from a script and choose a voice style in VEGAS Pro 19, and it will produce a really good voiceover.

VEGAS Pro 19 Improvements: 

  • VEGAS Hub download workflow and Hub Explorer.
  • Visibility of Waveforms for audio events in the timeline.
  • Interacts for the Bezier Mask after motion analysis.
  • Visibility of Camera LUTs found in the Color Grading panel.
  • FX Plugins search.
  • Vectorscope window.
  • Properly scaled fade handles, opacity handle, and loop notches for high DPI displays.
  • Event Buttons are always available and visible on the timeline.
  • The Color Grading panel will invalidate pre-rendered parts of the timeline.
  • And dozens more improvements.

Current VEGAS Pro 19 editors can take advantage of the new update, and those curious to learn more can visit the VEGAS Creative Software site.

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