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VŪ unveils Vū One, multipurpose ‘all-in-one’ studio for virtual production

The new Vū One system is available in several different screen sizes
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The new Vū One system is available in several different screen sizes

VŪ reckons its new Vū One all-in-one studio lowers the financial and technical barriers to virtual production and makes it accessible to all creatives.

VŪ Technologies already runs what it says is North America’s largest network of virtual studios, and now it’s looking to spread out at an accelerated pace with Vu One. Billed as a multipurpose ‘all-in-one’ studio, the idea is that it makes virtual production accessible to all creatives regardless of budget and technical experience. 

Well, regardless of budget is very much a relative phrase when it comes to virtual production, but as well as the bundling of technology together, the company is rolling out the system as a subscription model to bring costs of entry down. That starts at $5600 per month for the base model. A complete system, meanwhile, can be purchased outright from $249k and comes with both 2D and 3D options including a media server powered by Puget Systems.

So, what do you get? Vū One essentially operates seamlessly on a streamlined technology stack, regardless of screen size or setup, and comes integrated with five essential components: display, audio, tracking, media server, and content management. It’s available in a range of display options, with sizes starting at 16ft x 9ft and heading up to an expansive 45ft x 16ft.

The real game-changer with Vū One, according to the company itself, is the software platform powering it. Running off of Virtual Studio by Vū, this bundles VŪ’s own integrated virtual production tools including Scene ForgeRemote VP and Vu.ai, alongside industry-leading applications such as Unreal Engine, Volinga, Storia.ai, and more. Virtual Studio also includes a robust marketplace of 3D and 2D assets, all of which have been Certified for Virtual Production and optimized to run on Vū One. 

Configuration options include:

  • Vū One: A complete cinematic solution for high resolution images and video playback
  • Vū One + 3D: Upgraded render engine for 3D virtual environments (Unreal Engine) with camera tracking
  • Vū One Custom: Integration to an existing infrastructure and sizing of the LED wall to fit your space

Pre-orders are open now open, secured by a refundable deposit of $1,000.  Shipping commences in Q4 2023. 

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