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Tilta releases camera cage range for Sony BURANO

The Tilta Full Camera Cage Advanced Kit for Sony BURANO adds a battery plate and EVF bracket
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The Tilta Full Camera Cage Advanced Kit for Sony BURANO adds a battery plate and EVF bracket

Tilta has built a good-looking camera cage for the SONY BURANO, which is available in three different versions.

The Sony BURANO might be delayed briefly while the company fiddles with a factory setting — meant to be shipping last week, it seems to be listed as a pre-order ‘available Spring 2024’ with most resellers (though Sony tells us it should be available in Europe by the end of the month) —, but the accessories for it from an industrious band of suppliers are hitting the market. Or at least are available for pre-order too, as with these new Tilta camera cages, which ship in four weeks.

The Tilta Full Camera Cage Plus for Sony BURANO is a case in point. The $659 unit is built from 7000 series high-functioning aluminum alloy and has a 15mm baseplate, top plate, side arms, 15mm rod holders, and a side mounting plate.

Tita says that the 15mm rod holder can be mounted onto the camera cage’s top and side arms. It provides flexible options for lens control motors, as well as vertical camera setups and lens supports. It features built-in Arri Standard rosettes with mounting positions identical to the original camera design, all compatible with the original control handle. A new adjustable side mounting plate supports height and angle adjustments. Multiple mounting points on the top plate help extend functionality and allow for all sorts of rigging options.

There’s also a rotatable EVF bracket that supports vertical and horizontal adjustments via two articulating points. This is equipped with a damping feature to prevent the mount from dropping when loose.

Meanwhile a custom battery plate is available on Gold Mount and V-Mount options. 

Those last two items add to the price and are available in two differently badged kits, as well as being sold separately. The EVF bracket is added in the slightly confusingly named Basic Kit ($699), while the battery plate option features in the $1159 Advanced Kit.

All three currently have a 10% discount available until February 16.


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