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Tilta Khronos iPhone ecosystem provides plenty of shooting options for mobile filmmakers

The Ultimate Kit seriously upgrades your iPhone's shooting capabilities
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The Ultimate Kit seriously upgrades your iPhone's shooting capabilities

Tilta has unveiled some interesting accessories for mobile filmmakers using the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, the Khronos Ecosystem for iPhone. These kits come in a variety of options ideal for getting great shots.


One that got caught up in the NAB flood...The Tilta Khronos Ecosystem for iPhone Kits includes a nice variety of options and features, and cages made from aluminum alloy that connect via the iPhone 15 Pro’s USB-C. 

These kits include the Lightweight, Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. Each one provides certain features and accessories, but for me, I’d choose the Advanced or Ultimate Tilta Khronos iPhone Ecosystem.

The accessories you can add to the Tilta Khronos iPhone Ecosystem cages include:

  • Universal adapters (NATO mount, cold shoe quick-release, and more)
  • Handles (power, wooden, NATO bracket with circular wooden, and adjustable)
  • Lighting mini LED panels (daylight, RGB, and bi-color)
  • Quick-release USB-C hub (includes 2 ports)
  • MagSafe accessories (magnetic power bank and cooling system)
  • Lens adapters (M and T-series, 17mm thread adapter, and quick-release filter tray).
  • Monitor mounts (quick-release and magnetic)
  • Magnetic filters (UV, CPL, FSND, etc.)

All told, there are 30 accessories that you can add. Whew! 

Essentially, with the Khronos, you can turn your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max into a full-fledged cinema, production, or ENG camera. One does have to wonder about the weight of the entire system if using most or all the accessories, such as handles, adapters, a monitor, lenses, and more.


The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are already incredible smartphones for mobile filmmaking, and the Tilta Khronos iPhone Ecosystem really turns it up to 11. I'm more of a casual mobile filmmaker, but I've wondered about picking up something like this to really enhance my work.

Pricing for each is $199 for the Lightweight Kit, $279 for the Basic Kit, $369 for the Advanced Kit, and $569 for the Ultimate Kit.

Pricing for accessories includes $129 for the case, $149 for the PD Focus Handle, $79 for the quick-release USB-C hub, and much more. The costs can add up pretty quick as you select more accessories.




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