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Tiffen intros Black Fog and Night Fog filters

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Two new diffusion effects filters have been added by The Tiffen Company to its well-regarded line of optical filters.

Filters, good filters, aren’t cheap, but the way they can elevate certain shots is pretty much unsurpassed. These two new filters from Tiffen are a case in point. When paired with digital cameras, Black Fog and Night Fog Filters can provide a soft highlight glow reminiscent of the classic double fog cinematic look. 

The Tiffen Black Fog filters provide an overall atmospheric softening that creates a smooth wide flare from the highlights yet keeps the blacks black, without overly muting colours or losing detail in shadows. This more subtle effect can be used to add an overall look to a project.

The Night Fog filters, meanwhile, yield a natural fog effect with overall atmospheric softening and wide flare. When coupled with contrast reduction this reduces highlights without darkening shadows. In light grades, it provides a beautiful new look; in strong grades it flattens the contrast and desaturates colour so it is useful for day-for-night.


The new Fogs have been used in real production conditions by cinematographers around the globe. Steven Poster ASC, who is gearing up for his next film, says, "I think they both have similar qualities to the Classic Double Fog when they are used with digital cameras. They can create a sticky dark day, a romantic softness emphasizing the highlights, or an atmospheric nighttime motif.”

Director of Photography Alicia Robbins has been using them on  Bridgerton Season 3. “We often shot in historical locations that had priceless artwork. Therefore, we were not able to use atmosphere in the air. I achieved a similar look using Tiffen Black Fog Filters. They made it feel like there was ambient diffusion in the space,” she says.

Each filter type comes in standard sizes (4x4, 6.6x6.6, 4x5.65, 138mm) with a choice of 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, or 2, densities. Special sizes and strengths are available upon request. Price start at $350 or equivalent for the 4x4 and head up to $735 for the 6.6x6.6.



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