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This set of time-lapses took two years to make, and it's stunning

Monsoon 6 by Oliver Olbinski.
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Monsoon 6 by Oliver Olbinski.

Replay: Who doesn't like a good bit of time-lapse? It might have become overused, but still, in the right hands it produces mind-bending beauty. 

Monsoon 6 is the work of filmmaker Mike Olbinksi, who we've featured before on RedShark. This time around the filmmaker took over two years to put together the footage you're about to see together.

Mike states on his Vimeo page "It's the result of 30,000+ miles, hundreds of thousands of time-lapse frames captured and 60+ days chasing. Some highlights include epic downbursts, gorgeous light, mountains, desert, a stunning supercell and yes, rainbows. Photographed all across the great state of Arizona, where I've lived my entire life."

Filming weather is generally an exercise in frustration, from the wrong conditions to the wrong light. But when it does come together it can be absolutely stunning, as the video below attests. Enjoy!


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