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This is how modern tech has transformed our workflows

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Get some great workflow insights from HaZ Dulull and Brett Danton in the latest Scan podcast.

Full disclosure, RedShark has been doing a lot of work with ASUS recently, but the podcast below has been produced by Scan. And although it talks a lot about the Scan 3XS range of workstations it contains some valuable insights into modern workflows from two people who really know what they are talking about.

It's illustrative of how workflows have changed, and have been made much simpler and more efficient by the introduction of the latest technology. For example, Brett Danton relates how he managed to produce his first Dolby Vision grade in his home studio, thanks to the introduction of monitors like the ASUS PA32UCG, which is capable of 1000nits sustained brightness and is fully compatible with the Dolby Vision workflow.

Only a few years ago this would not have been possible, instead requiring hugely expensive displays to be used, leaving it fully in the domain of the large studios. HaZ Dulull also goes into how he can now use a single monitor for multiple outputs, whether he is using it for computer games graphics output or for grading. We also get tips from both as to how they have built their hardware setups, SSD arrangements, and how they are employing the different software they use. This, along with the impact of virtual production makes for a compelling listen. Watch the episode below.


Tags: Post & VFX Technology