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This is a free, and important event about mental health in film & TV

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On the back of the statistic that 9 in 10 people working in the film & TV industries suffer from mental health issues, an expert panel will be on hand to discuss the issue at an online event called Challenging the Status Quo — Production, Mental Health & Neurodiversity.

Organised by RTS London and The Film and TV Charity, the panel will discuss why the industry is facing a mental health crisis, and what can be done to stop it. Industry participation involves long hours and quite intense stress, and it has been found that even the most apparently healthy individual can crack under sustained pressure.

The event is being held n Oct 13th at 16:30BST and you can attend for free by registering here.

The event will be headed up by Lucy Tallon, Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, The Film and TV Charity, and the panel will consist of

  • Zeb Chadfield, Founder, The Finish Line
  • Stewart Kyasimire, Managing Director, Create Anything
  • Leo Thomas, WBF (Wellbeing Facilitator) 
  • Lennie Varvarides, Founder, DYSPLA

This is a worthwhile, and important, event for a issue that is not often discussed or acknowledge enough.

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