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The Sphere Experience Premieres in Las Vegas

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Sphere Entertainment Co. is set to unveil "The Sphere Experience," a groundbreaking category of live entertainment featured at Sphere, the next-generation entertainment marvel that recently opened its doors in Las Vegas, captivating global audiences with its awe-inspiring visual presentations and immersive technologies.

Temple of arts

The Sphere Experience represents an innovative genre of live entertainment designed to redefine shared experiences while showcasing Sphere's 22nd-century immersive technologies. This approximately two-hour program commences in the Atrium, where it weaves a universal narrative, intertwining culture, technology, science, art, and the natural world throughout human history. Through exclusive immersive encounters tailored for Sphere, visitors will gain profound insights into how technology amplifies human potential.

Renowned filmmaker Darren Aronofsky shared his excitement, saying, "Sphere is a temple to the arts. It’s not built for sports, it’s built for performance and for this new moving image medium: this experiential cinema. I can’t wait to share 'Postcard from Earth' with the world."


Postcard from Earth

Robotics, immersive sound, holographics, LED screen and 4D technologies

The Sphere Experience journey is orchestrated by five humanoid robots, collectively known as "Aura," serving as interactive guides to Sphere. Each Aura focuses on a fundamental aspect of human ability: connection, creativity, innovation, longevity, and productivity. Aura leverages cutting-edge technology in robotic mechanics and artificial intelligence to engage and enlighten visitors.

The experience also includes a demonstration of Sphere Immersive Sound, powered by HOLOPLOT, showcasing beamforming technology capable of delivering unique audio content to specific locations simultaneously, allowing guests to hear distinct content such as languages or musical instruments. Sphere Immersive Sound, a concert-grade audio system employing 3D audio beamforming technology and wave field synthesis, ensures crystal-clear and uniform audio for every seat in Sphere.


The Atrium boasts additional immersive technology experiences, including a 50-foot-high holographic installation inspired by the themes of "Postcard from Earth," artwork generated by machine learning, LED displays, and a 360-degree avatar capture providing a virtual vantage point atop Sphere.

The Atrium experience seamlessly connects to the main cinematic feature, "Postcard from Earth," a groundbreaking immersive film directed by Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky. This sci-fi reimagining of our planet takes audiences on a journey across all seven continents, into the depths of the ocean, high into the mountains, through the eye of a storm, and into space.


"Postcard from Earth" leverages Sphere's experiential, next-gen technologies to transport audiences and engage their senses, making them feel like they've traveled to new worlds, all while seated in Las Vegas. Sphere utilizes the world's highest resolution LED screen, enveloping the audience in a fully immersive visual environment. The audio experience, facilitated by Sphere Immersive Sound, utilises beamforming technology to direct audio precisely, creating a lifelike auditory experience.

"Postcard from Earth" is the first production to feature Sphere's multi-sensory 4D technologies, which include immersive seats equipped with an infrasound haptic system that enhances the sensory experience. Environmental effects such as cool breezes and familiar scents further immerse audiences, heightening the illusion of being present at each location depicted in the film.

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