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The MammothHD Footage Library is closing down

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It is the end of an era as MammothHD Footage Library owner, Clark Dunbar, has decided to shutter the service effective June 1.

After a twenty-three year stint, Clark Dunbar has decided to pull the plug on the MammothHD Footage Library from June 1. 

"For a myriad of reasons," he writes. "The downturn across the industry and economy the last 4~5 years (pandemic, strikes, budgets, AI, etc), to turning 72 this year, I’m too old for this shit… and I have other things I’d like to do.”

Dunbar says that:

  • All existing licenses will continue to terms
  • Any extensions on licenses will need to be requested and finalized by May 1, 2024.
  • His personal 8K Footage Catalog is for sale (8,000+ 8K clips as a buyout - a great deal) - contact him.
  • Upon closure: All represented talent’s footage will be under their control and/or their other representatives - Dunbar says he's happy to refer you to them for direct licensing queries.

"It was a great adventure building MammothHD - over the years we had a lot of firsts in the industry," he says. "I’d like to thank all of MammothHD’s clients, cinematographers and supporters - it was a pleasure to work with you all. A special thanks to RED Cameras for their industry changing cameras and support (Jim, Jarred, Ted and the whole team).

"I will continue to be available for consulting and assignment projects - still photo or motion - for projects of interest. I will be working on my Fine-Art Photographic Projects - The PowWow Portraits and the MountainMan Series - along with other series and expanding my print store offerings with more wildlife, locations/landscapes and observations."

Follow what he does next here.

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