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The creative trends that will drive 2024

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The annual Adobe Creative Trends Report has identified four key design trends for the year ahead, from calming rhythms to a new appetite for vintage looks and tech.

There is always a lot of material released at the end of every year, both looking back at trends in the year that is just finishing and looking forward to trends that are yet to come. Hey, we’re working on some ourselves. Perennially some of the most fascinating though comes from Adobe, which sifts through a whole mountain of stuff including emerging creative styles, cultural themes, consumer patterns, technology advancements, and Adobe Stock industry data globally to identify four design trends and aesthetics that will dominate digital content and influence photography, videography, and more

This is the 7th consecutive year of the Adobe Creative Trends Report. And if you want to be on point, on message, on brand, and all the other zeitgeist-friendly phrases in the year to come, these are the vibes you’re going to want to channel.

Calming Rhythms

Adobe says that soothing and rhythmic visuals are being used by a growing number of brands and companies in workplaces, retail spaces, outdoor installations, social platforms, and apps across all regions. Calming Rhythms visuals can vary from simple abstract and repetitive backgrounds to slowly shifting and moving forms, often accompanied by relaxing sounds and music. This trend is often associated with ASMR content (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), which features 912.6 billion views on TikTok with #asmr, and typically includes relaxing visuals paired with sonic elements, supporting the pursuit of finding relief and balance.

Wonder and Joy

Bit of a catch-all category this. Wonder and Joy spans all types of brand messaging and experiences according to the company, from simple pleasures, including being a ‘kidult,’ to luxury travel and experiences and AI-generated imaginative environments. It’s pretty much a response to the economy being crap and the world being on fire. Think an element of escapism and self-fulfillment and you're in the right ballpark.

Dynamic Dimensions

Mash-up time. Dynamic Dimensions is inspired by elements that blend and create an impactful visual experience, with 2D and 3D elements merging together through video, music, and illustrations. Multiverse, VR…that sort of thing.

The New Nostalgia

What began as a fascination with 90’s and aughts styles, design, and technology has grown into a deep dive into all eras, re-envisioning and reinterpreting vintage lifestyles and settings with plenty of creative license throughout, particularly with AI-generated hyper-realistic renderings of past periods. The New Nostalgia trend mixes the consumer appreciation for vintage style with a contemporary interpretation and flair. Apparently, half of Gen Z in the US, UK, Canada and Australia want to disconnect from their phones, and are turning to choose cost-friendly relics and hobbies of the past, “including digital camera photography,” it says here, that make them feel more connected and less detached from the real world.

Plenty more of all this in the  2024 Adobe Creative Trends report itself.

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