30 May 2013

Mysterious 2K raw camera. Is this a new version of the cinematic Go-Pro?

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Novo 2K Novo 2K Radient Images

News is starting to emerge of a mysterious new 2k raw camera from Radiant Images, the rental house that made available the Novo


The Novo (read about it here) is a rehoused Go-Pro 3 that can take c-mount or PL lenses and can overcome the auto exposure you would normally find on the Go-Pro but the company are now revealing a Mysterious new camera called the Novo 2K which shoots 2K raw images.

It seems a little unclear at the moment if the Novo 2k is a new version of the original rehoused Go-Pro Novo, or if it is a new camera altogether. It could be that the Novo creators are hoping to capitalise on the recent excitement around raw generated by the magic lantern hack, and have discovered a new way to get actual raw from the Go-Pro, or it could even be that they are thinking of the existing Pro-Tune Cam Raw mode of the Go-Pro (not really actual raw, more of a flat colour space).


However I noticed that the company also have a new European rental partner, P+S Technik, who are making available the original Novo but who also have a history in digital camera manufacturing. Could they have teamed up on the new camera? Then again, perhaps they have re-housed another camera again, or it is actually a new and improved Go-Pro 3 rehousing that can output raw somehow?

Whatever it is, it will be tiny and shoot 2k raw.

They are going to have the camera on display at Cine-Gear Expo, so hopefully we will have the answers to this mystery then!

Update - from Radient Images' website:

This weekend at Cine Gear, Radiant Images will unveil an updated version called the Novo 2K. By shooting 2K uncompressed RAW, the Novo 2K enables filmmakers to have full control of latitude, exposure and color renditions, for example, giving them another powerful tool at their disposal.

Freya Black

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