03 Jan 2018

LG's new years resolution is 8K

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8K is gaining a lot of momentum 8K is gaining a lot of momentum LG


LG gives us a glimpse of 8K television with a staggering new 88-inch OLED display.

It is currently the largest OLED display that has been produced, but the fact that LG’s new TV screen is 8K shows clearly the direction in which manufacturers are heading. We can debate it, we can argue over it, we can poo-poo it, but 8K is coming to the mass market, and probably far sooner than anyone had anticipated.

The new 88-inch display is of course currently just for demonstration of the technology, but it is anticipated that it will make it’s way into a television that you can buy very soon. Albeit most likely at a price that contains five figures. No matter, if we look at how quickly the price of 4K screens came down, we are likely to see the same trend with 8K screens, like it or lump it.

LG’s rival, Samsung, has also recently demonstrated it’s own 88-inch display, costing £20,000 using its own QLED technology. Although Samsung claim that the display can show 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, it still requires a backlight meaning that it is not capable of the deep blacks of competing OLED screens.

LG's new screen will be available for viewing at CES, which kicks off next week.

While the drive for 8K is confusing to some, it is extremely important for applications such as 360 video and VR, certainly at the acquisition stage. 2018 has just got off to an interesting beginning. Official press release follows on the next page.

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