We Think Apple will Make a 4K Laptop

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Apple/ RedSharkWe Think Apple will Make a 17

This is a totally unfounded rumour, with no basis in fact whatsoever. We haven't seen any stories in any Asian electronics trade magazines and no-one has smuggled a factory picture of parts from any new computers. RedShark's Matt Gregory reports

Having said that, we think that Apple is going to make a 17" Macbook Pro, and it's going to have a 4K screen.

And it's OK to think that, because just look at the facts surrounding it.

First of all, Apple canned the 17" Macbook Pro around June 2012. It had a run of nearly 10 years, but was quietly dropped from the schedules. Maybe Apple felt that there were just too many models. Maybe they thought that with a Retina 15" version there was nothing much to be gained by having the same number of pixels on a bigger screen. Perhaps the trend is simply away from 17" laptops. After all - when did you last see someone with one?

But 4K resolution is rippling through the creative industries. It has even driven Sony's TV division back into profitability! There's money in those extra pixels.

Full HD phones

We can remember when even 1920 x1080 seemed a bit extreme on a 17" screen but with 5" phones sporting full HD resolution, it would be no more absurd to have four times this on a screen that's 17" diagonally.

There is a strong argument that says content creators should be able to see their work in the exact resolution that their final product will be output at. The only way to do this with 4K is to have a 4K screen.

All we're doing here is following trends. And we think this has gone from impossible, to unlikely, to: we'd be pretty surprised if this didn't happen.

Matt Gregory


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