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SSDs crash through another price barrier

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Ebuyer.comSSD prices plummet again

(Nearly) 1TB SSDs crash though another price barrier

There's a definite trend here: 960GB SSDs are now available for under UK£500.

In a way, this isn't a news story at all. Nothing has actually happened, except that we just noticed you can buy nearly a terabyte of solid state drive for less than UK£500 (764 dollars).

It's a trend that's been estabilished for a very long time now,  but with prices for relatively large amounts of solid state storage getting to the sort of level where most people will consider using them instead of spinning drives, we may be at a tipping point where the majority of laptops and workstations will incorporate at least some flash memory.

In perspective

Just to put this in perspective: in 2003, one gigabyte of USB storage cost around UK£400. So we are close to the point where prices for flash memory are a thousand times less than they were a decade ago.

What better illustration could there be of the exponential march forward of technology?

Here's what we think about exponential technology

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