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Could this be the first footage from the RED Dragon?

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Inez & VinoodhHanging with the Dragon

Could this be the first moving footage from the new Red Dragon sensor?

Some time ago I wrote an article about the Red Dragon sensor. Back then Red had released some great still images of lizards, to show what the sensor can do. Since then we have been excitedly waiting for actual moving image footage from the Dragon. We were surprised when no footage emerged at NAB but to be honest, it was probably a good thing, as NAB is already such a busy time. However it is starting to reach that point where you have to ask where is the dragon hiding? Is it ever going to emerge from its cave?

In the wild

Well there are now rumours of dragons in the wild. It’s known that the directors of this clip, Inez & Vinoodh, have a Red Dragon updated Epic camera so it is being assumed that this is actual footage from the Red Dragon sensor:




So far Jarred Land at RED is neither denying or confirming the rumour. He was however, happy to confirm that Inez & Vinoodh were the first photographers to shoot Dragon, which seems to strongly imply that there might even be more Dragons hiding out there in the wild!

 It could also be that Inez & Vinoodh only used the Dragon for still images however. Time will tell!

 The Epic to Dragon upgrade program for mere mortals begins in the first week of September.



Happy with Dragon Picture


 You can read more about the Red Dragon Sensor here.

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