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Epic killed by laser!

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Don't take your expensive camera to a laser show!

Now here’s a cautionary tale. A RED Epic camera sensor being destroyed by a laser at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2013. Apparently it was one of two RED Epics that ended up the same way that night. A sensor replacement is not a cheap repair either. Not to mention the time lost while the cameras are away at the repair facility. Lets hope they are high in the queue for the RED Dragon sensor upgrade, which itself costs $9,500 per camera. At least then they will have a new super camera.

There's some great information about cameras and lasers here.

Please people, be careful around lasers. They are not good for video camera sensors and not good for peoples eyes either for that matter. Always consider your safety and that of your equipment when there are lasers involved! 

Be aware.

(UPDATE: Sorry - this first video has just been removed by the user (Monday 09:00, 15th June))


On a similar theme, here is a Canon 5D being destroyed at Gay Pride in Madrid:
and another 5D bites the dust:

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