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New self-build 35mm SLR from Lomography

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LomographyAs if by magic...

For those who find Instagram and its digitised recreations of filmstocks and lenses of yesteryear a bit of a cop out, Lomography has long been the standard bearer of the analogue camera movement. Now, with the wonderfully named Konstruktor, it comes in a 35mm SLR flavour too. Some assembly required.

In fact, the company reckons that it will take somewhere between 1-2 hours to put the camera together (“a fantastically fun process of assembling this beautiful machine,” says the website somewhat breathlessly) after which you will have a fully working 35mm SLR unit in your hands. All for a meagre £29.

It’s fun, it’s really rather educational for those who may have missed out on the joys of analogue photography, and it comes ready equipped with a ‘N’ and ‘B’ mode for regular and long exposure. It also features uncoupled shutter release and advance, so you can easily produce multiple exposure photos and really get down to creating something weird and wonderful.

Different packs – the Experiment Pack and the DIY Daredevil Pack – add different films and different accessories for different effects. Younger readers may wish to think of them like apps...

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