Surely they wouldn't put a 4K display in a 14" Ultrabook?

Written by Neil Roberts

Fujitsu/RedsharkFujitsu UH90 4K Ultrabook

After yesterdays news of the ASUS Transformer with 4K output comes news of a new Ultrabook from Fujitsu with a nearly 14" 4K display

 With Computex in full swing it seems there is a new 4K capable device every five minutes. The latest is the UH90 Ultrabook from Fujitsu which is only 15.5mm thick yet features a 1.6Ghz i5-4200U Haswell processor from Intel, and a 500GB "Hybrid" drive. But the standout feature of the UH90 is the display, although it is only 14" wide it features a resolution of 3200x1800 using one of the new IGZO display panels from Sharp. IGZO stands for "Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide" and is a new display technology which offers higher resolutions and faster refresh rates for Liquid Crystal screens.

The UH90's display is also touch sensitive and has a pixel density of 262 pixels per inch is said to outperform the Retina Display MacBook but doesn't quite beat the Retina Display iPad. There is also an HDMI output so presumably that will be 4K capable but we don't have confirmation of that yet.

The UH90 also features an "Ultra Compressed Solid Core" which can withstand pressures of 200kgf so it should be OK if you accidentally sit on it!

The UH90 will be shipping in Japan from June 28th but there is no word on pricing yet.

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