A glimpse at the future of advertising - this is amazing!

Written by RedShark News Staff

Art Copy CodeA glimpse at the future of advertising

This demo shows how advertising in the future will make use of the time, weather, location and probably your pulse-rate to target and engage (or possibly enrage?) you

Advertising's a fact of life. Sometimes it's a nuisance, but often it's entertaining and informative. Here's a glimpse of how it might look in the future. And, after watching this, you'll realise that the future is now!

It works by taking location and other information and actually building it into a complex video. Done with style and bravdo, it makes you want more. Full credits in the video.

Click here to see what we mean.

(This may take a long time to load. But it usually does, eventually. You will understand why when you watch it. It's best in a modern, updated browser).


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