Apple MacPro pricing and availability has been announced

Written by Ned Soltz


Apple has announced pricing and availability for the long-promised MacPro. Dubbed the MacPro (Late 2019), this device represents the longest time between product refresh of any Mac with the last MacPro appearing in December 2013.

As promised, the Late 2019 MacPro is a modular machine with the similar cheese-grater appearance to MacPro towers prior to the “trash can” MacPro, as many of us called it.

In the June 2019 WWDC announcement, Apple indicated that the base configuration with a 3.5 Percent GHz 8-core Xeon would start at . Models are also available with 12, 16, 24, and 28 cores. The 28-core adds $7000 to that base price.

Standard memory configuration is 32gb (4x8gb) DDR4 ECC memory with up to 1.5TB (12x128gb) memory for an additional $25,000. Apple notes that maxing out the RAM requires a 14 or 28-core machine.

A single Radeon Pro 580X 8gb graphics card is standard, mounted on Apple’s MPX module. A Radeon Pro Vega II 32gb GPU adds $2400 and the MPX module with two Radeon Pro Vega II’s is $5200. Two MMX modules with dual GPU’s is $10,800.

Coming soon — Radeon Pro W5700X 16gb in single or dual configurations. No pricing yet on these future chips.

Standard storage is 256gb SSD with a maximum of 4tb storage ($1400). Coming soon— 8tb of solid state storage.

The touted Afterburner card for accelerated ProRes work is $2000.

Apple wisely gives the option of wheels for the frame for another $400.

A fully-loaded MacPro would cost $52,600.

Also announced today is the ProDisplay XDR 32” monitor boasting a 6K Retina display and 1600 nit brightness. It retails for $4999 in standard glass with another $1000 for nano-texture glass. The Apple Pro stand adds yet another $1000 but many users might opt for the $199 VESA mount to attach the monitor to an articulating arm.

Delivery times range from 2 to 4 weeks for CTO configurations.

Check out all of the MacPro Late 2019 and ProDisplay XDR here

This story will be updated with some thoughts on the positioning of this product in the pro market and whether this is the computer for YOU.


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