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Toshiba launch 4K Televisions in UK

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Toshiba/RedsharkToshibas new 4K TV

Toshiba have announced a range of 3 new Televisions which all feature a 4K display and 3D capability

It seems that Toshiba believe in a 4K future as they have  announced their new Series 9 range of televisions.

Consisting of three models at the moment with 58", 65" and 84" screens, all feature a 4K display (3840 x 2160) and 3D capabilities.

The sets also feature 4K upscaling using Toshibas CEVO 4K processor. This is a multi-processor system that provides full 4K resolution for TVs, with 3D support and Active Motion & Resolution, a processing technology that provides higher sharpness in moving scenes. 

The series 9 sets are of course also "Smart" with Toshibas take on online access called Cloud TV. This allows access to Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube etc without another set top box.

The series 9 TV's will be released soon but no word on pricing yet.

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