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Sony confirms 4k for PS4

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While it failed to make the list of all-singing, all-dancing razzmatazz announcements at Sony's glittering PS4 launch, the company has confirmed long-standing speculation that the PS4 will indeed support 4k output.

Speaking to well-regarded games site Joystiq, Sony Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, confirmed that the console will support 4k, but only for material recorded in the format. In other words, 4k is for video only and not gaming.

Quite why the company chose not to mention this during the main event is a bit of a mystery. Red Shark can only assume that it wanted to concentrate solely on the gaming side of the machine, with the games press being notoriously sniffy about anything that positions itself even vaguely as a home entertainment unit. 

The New York event was all about polygons, but in the battle for next gen supremacy in the living room it will probably be about pixels too. Over to you, Redmond.

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