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4K in Slow Motion at the Superbowl

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4K at the superbowl4K at the superbowl

Host broadcaster CBS had over 60 cameras at the Superbowl, including 6 FT- ONE 4K cameras from FOR-A but they weren’t used for normal game footage. The FOR-A Cameras can shoot 4K at up to 900 frames per second so they are the perfect system for capturing disputed plays

The six 4K cameras were positioned to be able to see the goal lines and the side lines so that they can clearly show  whether the players are in bounds or out of bounds, a decision that could affect the outcome of the game.


Teamed with a recording and replay system from Evertz called “DreamCatcher” CBS created a system dubbed “hEYEperzoom” which would allow the director to zoom in to the 4K footage and show details at HD quality, rather like this system from Sony.

If a disputed play happens CBS can deliver the images to the HD screens in the stadium as well as to the viewers at home, so the fans in the stadium can see exactly what happened and also the umpires can use the images to assist them in making their decision.


4K system


 The hEYEperzoom system is set to become a standard part of CBS’s American Football coverage as it  means the Umpires can see critical plays in greater detail.

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