New Acer monitor includes USB C port

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Acer/RedSharkThe Acer H7 Series: USC C visuals

At last, a way to plug your lovely new 12in Macbook into something a bit larger without needing to go through an adaptor.

Sometimes you really do have to read the fine detail in press releases to see things that might be quite revolutionary, but which also might have been completely missed.

Here's one example.

Remember all the fuss about that little USB C port on the (relatively) new 12"Macbook?

The port's there because there isn't any room on that unfeasibly thin computer to fit anything else. But the problem is that if you want to connect your computer to anything external, it will need to have a USB C port too, or you'll have to go through a bulky (or, at least, inconvenient) adaptor or breakout box.

Well, now you can connect USB C-only computer to an external monitor. It's the new Acer H7 Series, which comes equipped with USB C, that will not only take a video input up to WQHD (2560 x 1440) but also keep the laptop charged at the same time - in case you were wondering where to plug that power-supply cable.

The monitors also come with HDMI 2.0 ports, so that you can connect pretty much anything else to them too.

They're available in 25 inch and 27 inch versions and - rather promisingly - support 100% of the sRGB colour gamut. So, as long as you calibrate them, they're going to be pretty useful for graphics and moderately colour-critical work.

Oh, and you can probably connect them to your smartphone too, if it has a USB C video output. Throw in a bluetooth keyboard and you've got a pretty handy PC.

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