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Dell massively updates Precision Mobile Workstations

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Dell / Redshark NewsDell updates its Precision Workstations

Dell has updated its entry-level Precision Desktop Workstation computers, but the real stars are the new and improved Precision Mobile Workstations, bringing more editor-friendly enhancements to its already-popular power laptops.

We've covered a number of Dell computer products on these pages. Recently, we profiled the Dell M3800, and its update, which added a Thunderbolt 2 port and a 4K UHD display to the feature set.

We've found that Dell understands the needs of editors and content creators. To the delight of editors who spend just as much time outside of the editing bay as in it, Dell has updated its range of Precision Workstation products. It may surprise readers to know that Dell's Precision computers are designed and built by an entirely separate division of Dell to the perhaps more familiar "consumer" products that you see in the shops. We've been to Dell's Texas headquarters and have seen the design and manufacturing process. There's no doubt that these are serious workstations.

Desktop users have reason for excitement, as the entry-level Tower 3000 series advertises 33%-or-more speed improvement for CPU, graphics and RAM, However, it's the new laptop offerings that steal the show with all models receiving boosts in CPU (with Intel Skylake processors, which we've covered HERE), RAM and SSD speeds and top-end models offering UHD displays supporting Adobe RGB color. The 4K/UHD models are thinner than previous generations, whereas the other models are both lighter and thinner than their predecessors.

Here's a breakdown from Dell on how its new Precision Mobile and Desktop Workstations stack up with each other and previous models:


These new workstations are slated to ship early Q4 2015 (in other words, any day now).

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