Why you might really want an iPad Pro

Written by David Shapton

Apple/RSiPad Pro & Pencil - pen & paper for the 21st century

The iPad Pro might not be interesting to the majority of consumers, but for professionals it certainly does tick some important boxes.

For me, the most exciting thing is that it has the best screen ever. As we reported here it has an even better screen than a 15" MacBook Pro.

This means that there is now an opportunity for app designers to use this interface to make a workspace that's unequalled. Imagine it for colour correction, for editing, for music composition and for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). It's the perfect place for a virtual studio.

Now, powerful though it is with the new A9X processor, it's no workstation. A lot of the new graphical power that the A9X chipset brings with it will be used up supporting the screen's huge resolution.

But that doesn't matter.

Think of it as the ultimate graphical remote control. It's amazingly tactile, it's light enough to sit on your desk or your lap, and powerful enough to support gorgeous-looking graphics - and be responsive enough for the most complex tasks.

The new stylus, sorry, Pencil, will give greater precision where it's needed (as opposed to my fat fingers) and there is fast enough connectivity for any interface action to be lag-free.

In any case, it is still really hard to get large media files on and off an iPad. So why not miss that out in the first place and store your files remotely, while enjoying the benefits of the best remote control there's ever been.

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