Sponsored Article - LG Kicks off its UltraWide Festival 2015: Dream Setup

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For those who are interested in technology, gaming, and dream of creating their own successful blogs and YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and views, LG is introducing the UltraWide Festival 2015.

Named after its UltraWide monitor, this year’s competition is based around the subject of a ‘Dream (PC) Setup’. Three winners will receive a sponsorship of $10,000 to purchase IT devices of their choice, along with the newest LG UltraWide Monitor, to help create the tech setup of their dreams.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Participants are to produce their own video or photo to show off the current computer gear setup (it can be for work, gaming, music, or anything that shows off their hardware setup) and upload the video or photo to social media.
  2. Next register on the UltraWide Festival website and submit the link along with a description of the Dream Setup.
  3. Thirty semi-finalists will be chosen and provided with a LG UltraWide Curved Monitor (model no. 34UC87C) which they can use to review and produce a video on how they would incorporate it into their setup.
  4. The resulting video is then uploaded to their YouTube account and the three winners are selected by a jury of Linus Sebastian (LinusTechTips), Lewis Hilsenteger (Unbox Therapy), and Jahova Witniss (Crewniverse). The YouTube stars will then mentor and support the users in helping create their Dream Setup. After the setup is completed, an introductory video about the Dream Setup will be produced and uploaded on the winners’ YouTube account and promoted by the YouTube Star.
  5. And finally, at the end of the Festival in early December, a Finale Party will take place in Vancouver involving the three winning contestants (travelling on an all-inclusive travel package) three YouTube Stars and a dozen guest fans.

Entry is open via www.ultrawidefestival.com from Sept 7th to Sept 25th.

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