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8K - Super Hi Vision: Informative coverage by the BBC

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NHKSuper Hi Vision

It's 4K month in RedShark but we're obviously covering 8K as well - it's all part of the Ultra HD "standard". It's good to see major national broadcasters taking an interest as well

Here's a short video report from the BBC on the system that's 4 times better than 4K: it's 8K, still known in Japan, where it was developed by NHK as "Super Hi -Vision"; a superlative that is entirely appropriate in the case of this 33 megapixel TV format.

We saw this system when it was being demonstrated in the "Future Zone" at this year's IBC in Amsteram. Nothing can prepare you for the detail in an 8K video. The only problem? You have to stand so close to the screen that the edges are out of focus. For individual use, or for small groups, you'd probaby need a curved screen!


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