Sony F65 goes 8K (sort of)

Written by Freya Black

sonyDemosaicing Computer

Sony's been busy this year, but amid the new product announcements, the electronics giant quietly releases news that impacts its top-of-the-line F65 camera.

It's been a big IBC for Sony this year. Al the excitement might seem to be around updates for the Sony F5 or the brand new Sony PXW FS-7 camera, but there were also some quiet little announcements for the Sony flagship camera the Sony F65.

The big news is that there will be a new system that will interpolate 8K footage from the raw F65 data. The process will yield a number of slightly strange sounding formats. Supported are: 8K x 4K, 6K x 3K, regular 4K and good old 2K. The system allows for aspect ratio conversions and digital zooms into the footage, too.

The F65 is a bit different from Sony's other cameras, as it has a slightly odd, diamond-shaped sensor (or a sensor at a strange angle, if you want to look at it another way), which allows it to maximise the colour information it can output. This probably explains some of the new formats.

The Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor

Sony is calling the new system "The Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor" and it will basically be a highly optimised software system that will interpolate the footage to maximise quality for whatever output you have in mind.

Sony is suggesting that "It can be used to drive giant-screen displays through multiple 4K projectors, and to project onto multiple screens freely configured into panoramas or vertical displays."

So, perhaps Sony is suggesting to use the camera for new and interesting aspect ratios?

Details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but it certainly sounds very interesting.

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