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4K is sooo last week. Get ready for 8K

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Digital TrendsLG's 8K Monster

At the IFA show in Berlin, LG is not only showing off its range of curved OLED 4K TVs but also a 98-inch 8K monster.

The IFA consumer electronics show is currently taking place in Berlin and we are seeing a wave of new smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Of course there are lots of new televisions from all the major manufacturers, with 4K and OLED displays being big talking points.

LG has its new 4K OLED TVs on display, with 65" and 77" models available in stores soon, but privately it is showing the next generation of TVs, with a monster 98" 8K model. We've no idea where the 8K footage came from but it was being shown at a refresh rate of 120hz and apparently looked stunning.

The as yet unamed 8K model uses 4 x 4K displays joined together to give a total resolution of  7680 x 4320 (that's 16x Full HD). If you are lucky enough to be in Berlin, pop along to IFA Hall 11.2, stand 101 where you'll be able to see it in person.

This is just a technology demonstration at the moment with no plans to bring it to market just yet, but now that people know it exists I'm sure there will be some demand from those who want the best at any cost.

 Thanks to Digital Trends for spotting this.

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