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How to make a music video in an airport with an iPad and some parcel tape

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 All you need is an iPhone, some tape, some luggage - and an airport terminal...

I know we have a lot of readers at RedShark who try hard to get great results on a low budget so I thought it would be interesting to share this video made by Richard Dunn in case you havn’t already seen it. The poor fellow was trapped all alone in Las Vegas airport overnight and decided to make a music video to pass the time. What’s interesting though is that the only video equipment he had was an  Apple ipad and an iphone and a roll of sticky tape he managed to get off the staff before they shut down for the night.

By 2am the airport had essentially cleared out and he was left all alone and to (and with!) his own devices. With nobody to help him he had to get creative! He made great use of the resources around him to produce zero-budget travelling shots by taping his camera to a luggage trolley and letting the moving walkways and escalators act as an automated dolly system and even to get crane like shots as the iphone goes up the escalator, which was apparently achieved by just taping the iphone to the top of a piece of luggage and putting it on the escalator. When it got to the top he had to race up the escalator after it to rescue it before it fell over:

It really brings home what can be done with imagination and a can do-attitude and an awareness of the resources around you. I mean it didn’t even involve drilling any holes or PVC pipe! It was all done with items that were already there. Ready-mades if you will.

The video really captures the strange atmosphere of the airport at that time of night. There is something about it that feels very post apocalyptic in spite of the clean and neat surroundings. I guess it partly IS the clean surroundings in combination with the complete absence of all animal life.

You can see the video itself here:

...and you can get some idea of how everything was shot from this outtakes video:


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