This looks like it could be a great slider!

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Wood-Comp EXTRALITE Camera Slider Extralite G2 Tracker

This piece of clever engineering has the potential to transform your shots

RedShark is read all over the world, by a very large number of professionals, students and hobbyists, and so a lot of people write to us asking if we can give some coverage to their products. And you know what? We haven't seen a bad one yet. Which makes it very difficult for us to decide what to publish and what to leave out. We love seeing the products and we really don't like disappointing people.

Apart from the usual product releases from the big manufacturers, we get a lot of mail from startups, asking us to publicise their Kickstarter campaigns. And the simple fact is that if we mentioned ever Kickstarter campaign that we're asked to - there wouldn't be much room for any other articles.

So what we do is we apply our normal criteria to Kickstarter requests. They have to be newsworthy and interesting. That's it. That's all you have to do to have your Kickstarter campaign in RedShark; but, remember - there is a lot of competition.

We like this look of this slider

We certainly like the look of this slider. It's from a European company and it has the look of something that's been hand crafted to last for centuries. For those of us who have been immersed in digital electronics and software for the last couple of decades, it's refreshing to see this clever mechanical device.

What we like most about this is how smooth it seems, and the nice mechanism for automatically tracking your subject during a shot. You can even set mechanical "key frames". There's a magnetically attached stabiliser too that lets you use a longer slider with a single tripod.

Have a look at the video (below), and their Kickstarter project page: there's a lot more information there.



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