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Surface surfaces

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Microsoft has just started taking orders for their Surface tablets. While tablets may seem largely irrelevant to NLE users, there's something very significant about Surface that is easy to miss: the more expensive ones are actually PCs.

The Surface line is divided into two sub-brands, which is not immediately apparent because they look virtually identical on the, er, surface.

Windows 8 RT tablets run a version of Windows 8 that does not run on the traditional X86 platform. Rather, it runs on the same class of low-power chipset that powers your smartphone. This guarantees a long battery life while retaining snappy performance but what it absolutely doesn't do is let you run Windows "desktop" applications on your Surface tablet.

A PC you can touch

But coming soon is another version of Surface that does exactly that - because it is a PC in the form of a tablet. All the advantages of touch and a tablet form-factor, while retaining compatibility with conventional Windows applications.

But what about video editing?

Well, if you have to start hooking up external drives then most of the utility of a tablet is lost.

But with Flash-based storage, they should be fast enough for at least short edits.

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