GoPro Hero 3: First footage using the Letus Anamorphic lens adaptor

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jared abramsLetus Anamorphic footage

The Letus Anamorphic Adaptor allows the GoPro Hero 3 to shoot glorious cinematic ultra-widescreen footage. It couldn't have come at a better time

Jared Abrams has shot this short piece using the new Letus Anamorphic Adaptor.

You can see or original coverage of this here.

Even through the fog of low-bitrate internet streaming, you can see that this product has masses of potential.

Here's Jared's notes to accompany the video:

"Here is a quick test with the killer new Letus Anamorphix adapter for the GoPro Hero 3+. The adapter screws on to the existing GoPro Hero Underwater and Skeleton housing with the existing 4 screws and gasket. This version was a prototype and had a slight edge blur on the camera right side. All good for the current versions soon to hit the street. The Letus Anamorphix adapter will set you back around two hundred smackers. We used GoPro Studio and corrected the Anamorphic Squeeze with the "4:3-Wide" setting. A HUGE THANKS to GT and Aaron from Letus for hooking us up with the adapter for the shoot. Chloe Mae Loop, Lan Bui and Chris Collins. For more info go to:
Music: Fine Arts Quartet"


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