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Promise shipping first Thunderbolt 2 disk arrays

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Promise/redsharkPromise ship worlds first Thunderbolt 2 disk arrays

Promise were one of the first storage companies to produce a Thunderbolt connected RAID arra,  and now they have started shipping the worlds first Thunderbolt 2 RAID arrays

The Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID arrays have become a familiar sight in edit suites and on location connected to MacBook Pros via Thunderbolt. Now Promise are shipping Pegasus2, with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, just in time for the new Mac Pro.

 The Pegasus2 RAID arrays come in three different housings, a four bay unit with a capacity of 8TB, a six bay unit with 12TB or 18TB capacities and an eight bay unit with 24TB or 32TB capacities. All the units have dual Thunderbolt 2 ports to allow daisy chaining of up to six devices per port and have hot swappable drive bays. 

Apple web store

The Pegasus2 RAID arrays are available from the Apple web store and other retailers with recommended pricing as follows:

Pegasus2 R4 4 bay chassis: without disks $699, with 4 x 2TB disks $1499
Pegasus2 R6 6 bay chassis: 6 x 2TB disks $2299, 6 x 3TB disks $2999
Pegasus2 R8 8 bay chassis: 8 x 3TB disks $3599, 8 x 4TB disks $4599

Promise are also launching an updated SanLink2 adaptor to allow two Fibre Channel connections via Thunderbolt 2 at up to 8Gbps. This will allow the new Mac Pro to be connected to storage arrays like the Promise VTrak series over Fibre Channel.

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