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How they did the Effects in Prometheus

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The Motion Picture Company/Ridley ScottPrometheus

It's a little late perhaps (the film was released in June 2012), but we came across this fantastic VFX breakdown for Prometheus. Early warning: There's a very big spoiler in it and this article - just in case you haven't seen the film yet

This film is epic in every sense, not least the expectation inspired by the legacy of the previous Alien films. Along with this, there was epic puzzlement as to what it was all about - but this mattered about as much as the likelihood that you'd be able to understand a completely alien culture at first sight anyway.

MPC, the facility behind this extraordinary VFX work describe the work in detail on their website. You can go there to read about it in detail but, briefly, there were 420 VFX shots in native stereoscopic format. Led by VFX Supervisors Richard Stammers and Charley Henley and Producer Marianne Spaight, the work included creating the alien world, LV-223, all the space shots scenes, space-craft and a massive crash sequence.

We have to say that we don't think we've seen as many layers as these in any other VFX breakdown - but appearances can be deceptive. The point is that they're extremely well integrated and look beautiful.

The whole atmosphere of the film was enhanced by filming substantial amounts of the external shots in Iceland, which seems to have been custom-made for this type of film.

Video after the break.

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