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Is this the first ever video tilt-shift?

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Is this the first ever video tilt-shift?


Deep in the archives is this - probably unintentional - first ever tilt shift effect

Tilt Shift is a technique where a camera is placed at a high angle to the ground, set to a very shallow depth of field. This creates an intriguing illusion where figures and objects in the picture appear to be miniaturised.

What's surprising about the effect is that even if you know exactly how it's done, and no matter how long you look at it, the illusion doesn't go away.

Don't blink when you watch this - the effect is only in the first four seconds. (It's also an object lesson in how to stand very still when you're playing a guitar).

For some more sustained, and completely intentional Tilt Shift, have a look at this. It's by Singapore-based Keith Loutit, and is quite possibly the best Tilt Shift film ever made.

Thanks to Fran Desouza for finding this ancient Tilt-Shift clip and sending it to us.

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