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Blackmagic Design is ready for Apple's new OS X Mavericks

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AppleBlackmagic and Mavericks


There's a downside to new operating system upgrades: incompatibility. But Blackmagic already has their software ready to go with Mavericks

You can picture it, can't you (and you might even have done this yourself!)? Within milliseconds of learning that OS X Mavericks is not only free and it's available now, you hit the "download" button. And then you spend the next week discovering that your software applications and your drivers don't work with the new OS.

"Download in haste and clean up the mess at leisure" as the old saying goes.

Blackmagic tried to make sure that that won't happen with their products and software. They've already updated DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity Desktop Video products.

Updates are free and are available from http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support.

Update: We've just heard (from Phil Bloom, who contacted us via Twitter) that there are issues with some aspects of BMD drivers and Mavericks. Probably best to hold off on the upgrade for a while unless you're prepared to experiment.


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