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The sights and sounds of Mexico City Captured in a few Minutes

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Swallow magazine & Protein / Channel4Sonidos Del Distrito

The editing is as in-your-face as the photography and the sounds in this rapid-fire video experience

There's probably no medium that can present the essence of a place more directly than video.

This film, commissioned by the UK's Channel 4, packs a powerful account of life in Mexico City in just a few minutes. Part documentary, part art film, you'll be gasping for breath by the end of it

Here's the official description.

Sonidos Del Distrito

Short film commissioned and broadcast as part of Channel 4's Random Acts series

A visual and auditory journey, the film is a conscious effort to capture both the sights and sounds of Mexico City, one of the world's densest and largest metropolitan areas. Some parts calm, others chaotic, Mexico City leaves its own unique sonic imprint in the mind of the visitor long after they depart. Taken throughout the course of a day, from dusk through late night, Sonidos del Distrito is a vibrant and frenetic portrait of a city always in constant movement and flux.

Filmed and edited by Nanda Fernandez Brédillard

Produced by Swallow magazine & Protein / Channel4

Video after the break (3m 23s)

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