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Displaylink enables 4K video over USB3

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Displaylink/RedsharkDisplaylinks 4K over USB3 demo

One of the advantages of Thunderbolt is that it supports the connection of monitors using the Displayport protocol which is part of the Thunderbolt specification. Now Displaylink of Palo Alto, California, have demonstrated connecting 4K monitors to your computer or smartphone using USB3 or even WiFi

At the recent Intel Developer forum Displaylink demonstrated 4K video from computers connected by USB3 and Gigabit WiFi.

Displaylink make the chips that allow the transfer of video as data packets over USB or WiFi, so many manufacturers of adaptors and docking stations now include those chips so that monitors can be connected via USB. In fact some monitors from AOC now take both power and input from a single USB connection.

"Many thought 4K over USB wouldn't be achievable" said John Cummins, VP Sales and Marketing at DisplayLink, "So we pushed the bar further, enabling Ultra HD 4K for both wired and wireless connections. DisplayLink's latest chipset enables users to easily add 4K displays with a single USB adapter or via new wireless technologies such as WiGig (80.211ad). The resolution increase is staggering when used in a business setting for data graphing, spreadsheets, and finance. Upcoming 4K chips will be completely backward compatible with the DisplayLink installed base, enabling business users to easily expand their notebook, tablet, or existing DisplayLink enabled solution to 4K Ultra HD."

Check out the video of 4K running over USB3 courtesy of Laptop Magazine.

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