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Written by Neil Roberts

Signiant/RedsharkMedia Shuttle Portal

In today's world of tapeless acquisition, remote working and collaborative workflows it is becoming more important than ever to be able to transfer large files quickly, easily and securely. I have been looking at various solutions and Media Shuttle from Signiant certainly fits the bill

 You know the situation: the project you thought was finished needs a last minute change and then you need to get the revised master to three different locations in different countries, oh, and they need it by tomorrow! 

Sending hard drives by courier would be a solution but it's going to be expensive and do you trust the courier not to damage the drives? What about security? If one of the drives goes missing the client will not be happy.

Sending the files by WeTransfer or YouSendit won't work because the master is 20GB and again there is the question of security, how much do you trust the cloud?

Media Shuttle

Enter Media Shuttle from Signiant, a Software as a service solution that allows you to transfer files of any size across the Internet without them ever being on another system.

Signiant are a US company whose client list looks like a Who's Who of Television. They specialise in data transfer and management solutions for some of the biggest names in the Broadcast Industry including the BBC, all the major US networks and some of the big Hollywood Studios.

A lot of the software they provide is "Enterprise Class" with thousands of users, but they recognise that there are lots of smaller production companies and post houses out there who just need to be able to send big files fast. That's why they have created Media Shuttle.

Media Shuttle is simple to setup; just create an account at the Media Shuttle website (you can try it for free for 14 days)

You can easily configure your portal with your own branding and use it to send files to individuals or to share a file to multiple destinations.


Media Shuttle uses the UDP protocol to transfer data meaning that the file transfer happens much faster than FTP or other similar solutions. In my tests I was consistently getting Upload and Download times that were three times faster than the alternatives. 

It also has the ability to resume or restart failed transfers, so if there is an interruption to your internet connection it will automatically resume the transfer. No more coming in to the office and seeing the dreaded "transfer failed" message.

Your portal can be accessed from any browser, even on mobile devices, and all the file transfers are encrypted. The media alway remains on your systems, never in the cloud, so you can be sure that it is not at risk of unauthorised access.

Media Shuttle can even be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, so you can send Media Shuttle transfers like an attachment.

Here is a video that walks you through the process:



If you are at IBC Signiant are in Hall 14, Stand 125

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