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HEVC = Hugely Everywhere Visible Codec

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x265Coing to a platform near you soon

HEVC/H.265 - call it what you will - alongside Ultra HD it is going to be one of the biggest themes of the forthcoming IBC show, with a huge number of newly announced products from a dizzying array of vendors implementing it. Telestream is even taking throwing its encoder open to the cloud in a bid to speed up development.

Telestream’s x265 project – which is being co-founded and managed by the company’s development partner, MulticoreWare – is essentially aimed at speeding up development of the codec. The two have worked together successfully on speeding up H.264 implementations in the past, on the unsurprisingly named x264 project, and are looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished with a commercially funded open source implementation of H.265.

"Previous collaboration between Telestream and MulticoreWare led to successful work on the GPU acceleration of x264, a task deemed by many to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible," remarked Jason Garrett-Glaser, lead developer of the x264 project. "With these accomplishments in mind, I am excited to support Telestream in the founding of the x265 project, which follows in the x264 tradition of high performance, quality, and flexibility under an open source license and business model."

The companies reckon that x264 proved that not only does this approach to optimising the code work, but that x264 is “the highest-quality, most efficient H.264/AVC implementation in the world.” And certainly the figures from the annual MSU Graphics & Media Lab report suggest that that’s the case, x264 comfortably beating MainConcept and DivX implementations into second and third places.

As an open source project, access is free under GNU LGPL licensing, and commercial licenses are available for companies wishing to use the resulting implementation in their products. More at x265.org. And much, much more about HEVC at IBC. It’s been quick out of the box, but what will developers have achieved with it since NAB?

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